Colour of Lilies

“Did you know that the lily flower was discovered more than 2,400 years ago? Historically, lilies hold a reputation for being majestic flowers in ancient Greek mythology, where it is believed that Zeus’ wife Hera, is the creator of lily flowers. In fact, it were the drops of her milk that fell to the ground (after refusing to feed Hercules), which were believed to be the seed to growing lilies!”

What Do the Different Lily Colours Mean?

Different colours and types of lilies hold a variety of meanings across the world in different cultures. Generally, lilies represent purity, passion, rebirth and royalty. However, these meanings can change based on the colour and occasion. On that note, let’s take a look at the different lily colour meanings.

  • Pink lilies stand for love, admiration, compassion and femininity.

    Florist tip: When you want to show your admiration or passion, beautiful pink lilies are the perfect flowers to gift.

  • White lilies represent purity and modesty.

    Florist tip: Choose serene white lily flowers for funerals, understated decor for weddings and other solemn church ceremonies.

  • Yellow lilies evoke happiness, joy and lightheartedness.

    Florist tip: When you need to put a smile on a friend or dear one’s face, surprise them by sending a bunch of fresh yellow lilies.

  • Orange lilies symbolise energy, warmth, confidence and honour.

    Florist tip: If expressing gratitude and admiration for an achievement or job well done is what you’re after, a floral arrangement featuring cheerful and lively orange lilies is the best.

  • Purple Lilies represent pride, success, dignity, admiration & accomplishment.

    Florist tip: If the recipient loves luxury flowers, a lily arrangement or bouquet with a dash of purple will sweep them off their feet.


Lily symbolism – Historically, lilies are the flowers to gift when celebrating a 30th anniversary. But with so many different varieties of lilies, you don’t have to wait for an anniversary celebration to send lilies. Each variety of lily has its own significant meaning. Choosing the right type can really make your bouquet or vase arrangements extra memorable.